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Sorry, what's the news?

They stated that all content that says that there could have been fraud in the 2020 election will be deleted that's censorship and any journalist will investigate and come to their conclusion and for someone that only watches youtube for news I just can't trust a platform that doesn't have free speech

@hhrichards @creditcrazy-channel Maybe, but it could be a good thing tho. It could stop people from spreading lies. I'm definitely pro freedom of speech, but not if it causes harm.

When it comes to stopping lies i say bring attention to it by bringing up evidence instead of shutting them up that will only cause the believers to go into a punched nazi effect where instead of giving evidence of the contrary by censoring them you are giving them proof that they are correct making them harder to convince later on

@hhrichards @creditcrazy-channel @creditcrazy-channel Yeah that's a good idea

It also works just look at the end of ww1 the entire world continued to punch down on germany next thing you know hitler is now the leader of germany convinced that the whole world is against them and ww2 starts. When germany looses again amarica gave germany support and defense and now ex nazis are now friends with jews and germany is now chill with the world

Yeah a long time ago people would treat conspiracy people with suspicion, & not listen to them because it's clear they're nutjobs. But now, enough people are listening. We need more education against it I think

When it comes to teaching scepticism it's important to truly know what you are teaching so you don't end up making a big cult. me I just try to teach history instead because then you are able to know what ideas will do when put into action so look to the bad parts of history and understand why bad people rise to power by looking at what the nazis for example promised in there propaganda and how they made those promises because after all they were trying to convince people like you and me at their time